Calculating the efficiency of chromatographic systems. Theory
Sample volume effect on the chromatographic process. Theory
Calculations in frontal chromatography. Theory
Ion chromatography. Electrolyte addition


Ionometry. The addition method
Ionometry. Method of calibration curve
Ionometry. Titration
Ionometric determination of chlorides in chromate solutions
Ionometry and electrodynamics


Ionometric determination of nitrate in vegetables
Photometric detemination of phosphate
Ionometric determination fluoride in water
Winkler's method for the determination of oxygen in water



Solubility gas in water
Wavelength of the light and colour liquid
Conductivity solution KCl

Solubility product (more then 200 agents)
Extraction of dithizonate complexes
Characteristics of organic solvent (Tmelt, Tboil,ε ,ρ ,η, μ, n, σ... ) (more then 150 agents)
Typical colour metallochromic indicators in water (29 indicators)
Stability constants (more then 450 agents)
Ebullioscopic and cryoscopic constants
Scales of the temperature
Acid ionization constants
Base ionization constants
Conductivity of high quality water
Solubility product of water
Pressure and density of the water vapour at saturation
pH and hydroxide sedimentation process
Atomic electron configuration table
Qualitative analysis of surface-active substances
Preparation of buffer solutions







chromatographic chromatography theory theoretical gas-liquid gas ion